Attorney Roderick Ott

Attorney Roderick Ott

Attorney Roderick (Rod) Ott has been practicing law since 1977 when he received his J.D. from Case Western Reserve University. Rod concentrates in the areas of estate planning and business planning. His extensive knowledge of estate plans, and breadth and depth of experience, make him a very popular speaker on the topic. With a client-specific approach, Rod also focuses upon the non-legal aspects of an estate plan. "It's very emotionally driven. No one wants to contemplate their own death," he says. But, without a proper estate plan (or business succession plan), the client has little or no control of what happens to their assets upon their death. "It can become the subject of a lengthy and expensive legal battle, or can even be decided by the state." The emotional fall-out can be enormous resulting in strained, or, sometimes, permanently severed relationships.

In the area of Business Law, Rod helps clients form new businesses (corporations, partnerships and LLC’s), and assists with business operations, including stockholder agreements and business contracts. At the other end of the lifecycle, he helps closely-held companies sell or transfer businesses. On an ongoing basis, Rod assists clients in lease negotiation, understanding what they have at risk, evaluating and preparing for liabilities, and protecting their existing assets, including their own home and personal property.

Rod's other areas of concentration include Medicaid (long-term care) planning, Probate Administration and Real Estate.

He believes that one of the strengths of GMO is the willingness to collaborate and examine all possible angles. "It's good to find different opinions among our Partners and explore options from another perspective," he says.

Outside the office, Rod enjoys golf, writing, fine dining, and spending time with good friends, many of whom he has known for over 30 years.