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Simply stated, we are approachable! Trained listeners who ask the right questions and will explain your options in lay person’s terms. We know we have succeeded when our clients use words like "empathetic," "caring," and "supportive" in their referrals. We know that legal issues can be deeply personal issues involving more than cold, hard facts. But, we will offer our honest assessment of your chances for success both in and out of court. Whether you are dealing with an immediate situation, or doing up-front planning to avoid potential problems and litigation, our well-qualified and experienced team will work tirelessly for the best possible results. Aggressively representing you to the outside world, sensitively dealing with your issues one-on-one, GMO attorneys and paralegals make it easier to deal with life's many challenges and uncertainties.


We recognize the value of your time. How often have you heard the robotic message, "Your call is very important to us"? Well, your call actually is very important to us. Not just to the attorney you are working with. It’s important to every person in the office. We return calls promptly and make every effort to answer your questions on the first call. We pride ourselves on comprehensiveness, accuracy and courtesy.


We enjoy working as a team and value differing perspectives. Examining a situation from multiple angles helps identify stronger options and, should a matter go to trial, provides better overall preparation and ability to handle objections from opposing counsel. You, the client, are also a very valuable team member and your preferences and ideas will be integral to the approach. If the requested services are better suited for a GMO attorney with a different specialty, we will refer the case internally. If there is a better resource on the outside, we will make a referral to another practice.


While the issue at hand may be finite in scope, we want clients to feel comfortable calling for advice in the future. So, we view each client and each situation from a long term perspective. With our broad range of practice areas and expertise, we hope clients will choose us for all their legal needs both now and in the future. That’s why we treat every client, large or small, with respect, understanding, and concern for their financial, emotional and physical well-being.